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About Us

All great apps have taken their own sweet time to excel. Startup is a process where you experiment and iterate features till you reach that aha! movement. We are experts in understanding the core idea and structuring a MVP around it. We like to get involved with the founder right from the stage one of brainstorming and help them throughout the process till deployment. Our expertise are in

  • Crisp understanding of the idea
  • Choosing the right development stack
  • Following agile framework
  • Fast MVP development

How it Works

We can join you at any step of the your startup. But we like to get involved right from the brainstorming stage.


We discuss and understand your idea. Create the app UX flow and wireframes. Choose the right tech stack.

MVP Development

We develop the product in a iterative flow taking into consideration any feature changes or modifications


We help you with product deployment to cloud servers(AWS etc.) and Apple App store, Google Play store

Our Services

We have worked with several startups and single founders to bring their idea to product. Our offering is lean and focused. We work on limited technologies but ensure a stable and scalable product.

Flutter Apps

We will be your extended team for developing android and ios mobile apps in flutter from scratch to deployment.


We understated your idea to its core to create interactive UI and functional UX wireframes.

Web/PWA Apps

We will be your extended team for developing PHP Laravel web apps and websites from scratch to deployment.


We can help you with deploying your product to Apple App store, Google Play store and cloud servers (AWS, Digital Ocean). 

Laravel Admin

We will be your extended team for developing admin panels for your product from scratch to deployment.

Bug Fixing

We can help you with bug fixing in your existing products. We work closely on optimising and making products scalable.

Our Recent Work

We have worked with projects in varied domains . from Education to social media to Restaurant

Clients Testimonials

Our Team

Rohit Naidu

Ul / Ux Designer

Shashank Kakrecha

Ul / Ux Designer

Ankit Mehta

Ul / Ux Designer

Sunny Kandu

Ul / Ux Designer

How May We Help You!

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