Video Service Desk


Video Service Desk is a cutting edge technology that allows your customers to call you directly from your website and apps without them having to dial a phone number or send an email. You get live call notifications on your phone when a visitor tries to contact you.

If you accept, you will have all the video conferencing features available within the call. This includes:

– Video calling
– File transfer
– Screen sharing
– Chat
– Custom logo if needed
– Whiteboard
– Video recording (optional)

If you miss the call, you would still have a log of all the calls with the details of your customers and you can call them right back. You will also receive email notifications for the missed calls and track those on the app.

What’s more?

– You can have logins for your team members/employees as well to share the calls with them
– Calls can be routed based on language, skills and location
– Route calls from different web pages to different people on your team. Example, Landing page calls to Sales team.
– Access to user dashboard on the web version of Video Service Desk
– Separate admin dashboard for the overall view

With these amazing features, closing your deals or providing support to clients becomes easier and better than ever was possible.