Putting event organizers first.
Events go beyond just ticketing!

Manage access and communication with:
crew, vendors & volunteers
cashless payments for merchandise as well as food and beverage with our mobile POS app for your merchants.
influencer marketing with transparency and accountability.

TicketRoot is a cloud based event management suite designed for event organizers to handle major aspects of running an event. Organizers can sign up and create multiple events simultaneously.

Some of our modules include:

Manage crew accreditation and access

Sell tickets on your custom event page, your own website or a box office

Link wristbands or physical tickets to users

Self service customer flows to purchase tickets, load a wallet and purchase merchandise or F&B from merchants on ground

Merchant POS – Mobile KOT

Mobile Check-in app – Zonal control

CRM features to keep your audience engaged

Organizers can select the modules that are required for an event and make it as simple as just issuing a wristband at a box office.

Event organizers and venues play an important role in society, bringing joy to millions of people around the world. Ticketing, Food & Beverage & Merchandise play a vital part in the audience’s perception of the event, which is why we believe event organizers should be in control of their own ticketing, merchants and marketing, not a ticketing platform.

You organize the events, you own the data. This is about you providing greater value to your audience and selling more tickets, as well as treating your audience with queue free on ground purchase experience, while respecting their privacy.

Everyone at TicketRoot loves events and is committed to helping organizers. So, do share your experience and feedback with us so that we can provide you with the best tools you need on ground to make your event a success!