The Pink Comrade


Free app for All women and girls, Jobs, Digital Community, freelancing Jobs, Business promotion , online marketing, Consultation and much more.
The Pink Comrade is an amazingly exclusive PINK COMMUNITY for all Pinks out there, an interactive and unique platform to provide ample opportunities to women and girls. Freelancing Jobs, content writing, Social Media Influencing, Brand Endorsement, Consultation from experts, Digital Crowd Sourcing, Community Building, Legal and other professional advices, Spiritual, financial, physical and mental wellbeing of Pink, and all this right on your fingertips, at your home, without even taking a step out.

We ensure that you, your writing/ content, your product and services reach lakhs of Pinks in a fraction of time with our dedicated and disciplined network of Pink Comrades

This Cosmopolitan app for all Women, Girls, Female authors, Entrepreneurs, writers and content creators has international presence with our comrades coming from different parts of world and cultures.

The Pink Comrade is THE APP for the Queens of Colours, for PINKS Only, mind it.
This all women app has opportunities for every PINK. Jobs consultation, freelancing, digital out-sourcing are very few of them. TPC (The Pink Comrade) also provides you an amazing platform to share your creations, writing, content with thousands of communities, pinks and its readers. It provides solutions to your queries, related to any and every field. TPC has the Most Modernistic Vision for all its comrades and that’s the reason for our growth.

Why choose us over others, obvious reasons are :
Our Pink Comrade’s, Pink Networks ensures that you are provided with the best of advices, be it parenting, career , your wellbeing or the wellbeing of your dear ones, we got it all covered.
Above all THE PINK COMRADE is a fearless platform which gives an absolute freedom to its members to express their view about anything, gone are the days when the opinion of PINK were confined to few areas. All this at no cost for the PINKS.
Get the best advices for your beauty from our in-house beauticians and experts, to give the best to your beauty. Get the free access to an all women networks where you can seek and provide services to grow your business and start-ups.
Get access to an exclusive PINK CIRCLE where like minded PINK discuss ideas for change. Get the desired collaboration in terms of finance, skills, team, jobs from the PINKS who are ready to work with you to make your dream come true.
Above all, a dedicated all women chat box where you will find discussion on topics ranging from health, child upbringing, parenting, baby care, food tips, DIY Hacks, one to one interaction and much more.

Following are unique things about The Pink Comrades:
Pink Wall: Write anything you want, express your views without any hassle or restriction. You can also create your own wall and display you shade of PINK.
Pink Talks: Ask your questions related to any subject with the subject matter experts with the desired expertise and years of experience.
Poetries and Mini tales: Express your creativity and set your emotions flying by reading and sharing the emotional poems, poetries and our specific column, mini tales.
Polls and Post – Best suited for business surveys to know the likes of PINKS and to offer the best product.
Business Reach: Post your business, products and the services offered and get the maximum visibility among Pinks, to get the maximum sell for your services and products.
Digital Brand Endorsement: Get the review for beauty products, gadgets, vehicles, cloths. You will also be informed about the amazing products, sales and the entire decode of online shopping.
Social Media Influencing: With our pointed and diversified national and international presence, TPC helps businesses and individuals to reach their desired digital goals in the fastest speed .
Be a Pink Comrade and Join the revolution: