SHOWROOM is a management system and an application that aims to help businesses, by implementing simpler automated processes that enable not only better business management in real time but also a better relationship with clients. This is an innovation which was definitely born out of necessity. A client must stay for hours in the Showroom in order to successfully make his choice. This is not due to the indecision of the client but due to poor management system.
Still the sales agent with the notebook in hand accompanies you to show the products offered. Unfortunately, he does not know how much the product is in stock and is forced to go to verify the condition of the product and often returns to express that it is missing. Once again, the whole process from scratch. More time spent by the client and even disappointment from him. We know that time is the most valuable thing nowadays, so we have taken care to offer the solution to reduce your service time!
Imagine after a long tour in SHOWROOM with the client, at the end of the process when he has to pay, he realizes that he has exceeded his budget. Everyone is forced to look for other products, again a waste of time which could be exploited with other customers. Again, we have found the solution to this problem. With our application you can realize prevention in real time. You can find out the quantity and price of the product along with its specifications and keep the customer informed.
Suppose one of the most loyal customers returns to the SHOWROOM. Is he recognized by the sales agent? Will he get the service he deserves? We know that customer knowledge is very important for any business. Maintaining long-term customer relationships is a must for the success of your business. So, through SHOWROOM you now have the entire customer purchase history on your Dashboard.
After all, it is a very important tool for architects. This application helps them to perform preventive even without being present in the showroom. Above all, he is aware of the commission that belongs to him and how many sales have been made to his clients. This application also serves as an important marketing tool as it can inform its architects about the latest business offers.
But how does SHOWROOM work?
SHOWROOM consists of two main forms. It is found as an application that helps the architect and sales agent as well as a dashboard for the manager and administrator. It helps both in the organization and the performance of the employees of the company where the data on the sales of the products are presented and the income realized from the sales. The quantities of products are also presented, making it possible to automatically adapt the product stock. This application helps architects in designing by seeing in real time the types of products and their specifications. Also displayed are various promotions offered by the company. A key role of this application is to shorten the sales time by enabling the display of detailed information on products and their quantity in real time, with just a barcode scan.
The Dashboard also provides information on the most successful agents or architects. Data on the most scanned product, consequently the most requested product. There are all new clients and the history of existing clients who are registered uniquely through the mobile number. You can see all the income generated from sales in each showroom. All invoices are available as well as by which sales agent the sale was realized or by which architect the estimate was created. As a connection is created between managers, architects and sales agents, a good management of the whole business is realized in real time, providing a perfect service and in a shorter time.
SHOWROOM where innovation meet costumer experience!

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