Root ID


Root ID is a cloud based attendance, leave and visitor management system. We help hybrid organizations of all sizes automate, monitor & manage the workplace or lack thereof & day-to-day operations with complete visibility on facilities by bringing together space, employees (or project hires) & visitors to a single system.

The system consists of a web based dashboard for the organization which is used primarily to configure your organization’s, administrators, departments, shifts for employees as well as visitor access rules for your various spaces and locations (we are with you at each step). We facilitate onsite check-ins as well as work from home attendance and leave management.

We have just one app. The app provides access to only relevant features based on the role of the logged in user, be it a visitor, guard, employee or organization administrator.

RootID is a modular software, so feel free to choose from the modules listed below that work for your organization, we bill you only for the features you actually use.

Attendance & Leave Management:
Employees or project based teams use the ID app to check-in and out both on site and off. This can be restricted to a check-in kiosk in order to prevent off site check-ins. We use dynamic QR so as to avoid proxy attempts. Employees can view all essential attendance statistics and reports via the app.
Employees / hires can apply for leave via the app, view pending leaves, view team leaves and the like. Admins are notified and can approve leave using the app. With one click, schedule the right employees across your business, reduce unneeded overtime, and stay on budget.
Visitor & Facility Management:
Employees can book facilities like meeting rooms or sports facilities, view live schedules of the facility, as well as issue an invite to a visitor via the app.
Visitors can be granted access with time and facility based restrictions.
Offsite and online meetings can be scheduled using the app. Visitors receive the meeting invitation via an SMS or whatsapp via the app, providing them all the information and an access QR code they need to be checked in without questioning.

Measures time spent on daily activities to detect opportunities for improvements and automation, understand time spent on ad-hoc requests, and improve work-life balance and workload distribution among teams.
Hires can select the project and task they spent time on during the week on an ongoing basis. Department admins receive a useful overview of time spent on each task and project.