Caare is a healthcare start-up that aims to bring essential health care services directly to patients’ homes. Caare will connect families with Top Doctors online and physically provide a dedicated Nurse Assistant at home, with the possibility to pick the preferred Doctor from a list of profiles in only a few clicks.
Let’s look at briefly how Caare works.
1. Schedule a video consultation:
The patient will schedule a video consultation with the Doctor and Caare will send a certified nurse directly to the Patients’ home any day of the week.
2. Meet Certified Nurse at Home:
Our Nurses, who are trained healthcare professionals, will go to Patients’ homes. They’ll ask them questions and take vitals to share with the consulted doctor in real-time.
3. Get treatment like Hospital at Home:
Together, Patients will video chat with a nurse practitioner and doctor who will provide care, offer a treatment plan, and prescribe medication if they need it.
-Nursing assistant at Home
-Reduced Costs
-Saves time
-Virus free
-Access to renowned Doctors
Patient wellness centralized track-record
Members of our nurse recruitment staff carefully screen all online applications. Only those applicants holding a Nursing degree or diploma are considered for further review. After applications are reviewed, those candidates who demonstrate qualifications closely matching the position requirements are selected for a phone interview. Following the phone interview the candidate may be invited to attend an in-person interview with the manager of a particular department. For more info please check our terms of use policy